Our Story

In 2000, Ottawa/Outaouais Wellness Learning (OWL), was gifted to the group. Since then, we've been working with young women and men of many diverse backgrounds to create educative and inspired sharing circles on wellness. We feel that we need to learn to love and care for ourselves and for each other in order to also care for our Earth.



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This is a space of Service to a higher cause. This is about taking a new stand inside of ourselves, sharing the gold of our own lives and becoming insightful wisdom peoples of love to transform Earth and ourselves.

We hope to inspire sacred conversations of the heart with Inspired Leaders and create moments that can move humanity to awaken and bring forth new projects for future generations.



A Word

We have known that there will come a time when the trees start to die and that that's when the women will rise up to take back their drums. 

Drumming connects us to our hearts, the bridge to our souls and the Elders, our indigenous ancestors, tell us it is time to pass the path of spirituality on to our grandchildren. Through our actions we must model what we all yearn to see in the world. It is time to remember and awaken the seed of love planted in all our hearts so we can rise up and use our unique gifts, the qualities honed from our life experiences and that are spiritual values.  

This is our soul’s divine destiny, to remember who we really are, to realize our full spiritual potential to be love and light.



We must remember we are One all interconnected, inter-related, interdependent and working as One to live from the passion and joy of creating innovative ways to love ourselves, each other and the all that is. Seen in the eyes and hearts of each soul we meet, we are here as messengers and reflectors of truth-inspired wisdoms coming from the souls of every heart.

Let us live life fully, modelling Peace, hope, love, harmony, and Joy. We look forward to connecting with you, all people with good hearts awakening in each other the best in ourselves!

- Judith Matheson