Linking Hearts and Minds


Ideas are inspiration to empower the imagination of the collective whole: our One Universal Family meeting now and connecting.

As we open minds to open hearts to listen in new ways, I can see how voice vibration transcends just words...

Like attracts like and it is creating momentum to a new Watershed Movement related to our project, formerly called Birth 2012.

This is a call to live from what is the best inside ourselves. That is, the purity and essence of the divine energy we are all created from. The journey of the late Grandfather William Commanda and so many others, such as former MP Elijah Harper, reflect to us all that:

We cannot live in the past of repressed anger and bitterness. This is a time to move forward and in each present moment give thanks and gratitude for how far we have come and how far we can choose, through collective action, to move forward, embody and model hope, peace, and harmony for those coming after us to follow.

We are the Ancestors now and it is up to us to connect in sacred space to listen and to converse not from our heads but from our hearts.