Awaken Light, Love, Laughter


Earth is Calling! Let’s create time for a cup of hot tea. We can sit and listen to the wisdom voices of these wonderful citizens inviting us to learn and to transform ourselves to be the One’s we have been waiting to meet.  

Now, in us all the new cosmology is yearning to be born. What does it say?

In deep listening and sharing, we are hearing the heart beat of God The All That Is passed on to us from our ancestors. We give great gratitude to them for they are telling us that now we are the ancestors. 

In  connecting with our core we are remembering who we are as spiritual beings and not just human doers. 

Pictures are worth a thousand words! Life experiences bring us wise Elders and Teachers. 
Let us Listen from our Hearts to bring Light to our Minds!


Let us create space to listen to reflect...
Smell the rose
Feel the light emerging

In our own hearts being touched to feel
Resonating to source
The stars from which we have all come  

Awakening in each other
At our deepest soil/soul depth

Restored Connection to our ancestors deeply buried roots
With our one shared
Mother planet Earth

All of us awakening to the path of spirituality

To choose to walk in peace and balance
In these times of great Spiritual Awakening

A daily cup of tea with honey
To listen to the space

Within our own hearts
We are all called

To live the joy
Beyond the sadness

The reason we have come
To change the world

By changing and finding our true, real, genuine, spiritual authentic selves... 

Yes, let us make a cup of tea
And create time and space each day
To Listen and to Reflect
On the Wisdom Voices Within us All!


Blessings and deep Gratitude to all my Teachers on the path of light lifting us to higher spiritual consciousness. The supra Christ Consciousness of all great Spiritual Leaders who teach us to learn that we must listen and follow the people for they are our true teachers.

For people help us see what we cannot see in ourselves and so we are called to bring forth the light in each other. 

Amanda Masterson