2018 and Beyond Reconciliation


I invite all citizens of this great country to sit down and have a cup of tea.
Then share this forty minute message from leaders from all walks of life...


" Reconciliation Ottawa/Gatineau 2018!" - Thursday, March 29, noon to 3 pm.


Deep Meegwetch, Thanks, Merci to Qais Ghenam for his excellent filming and quick action to transform three hours into an opportunity for Canadians to listen from their hearts. 

Also in thanks to Dr. Peter Stockale, free the falls ad hoc group, www.freethefalls.ca and the "Canadian Union National Employees" for this day. 


Take Action

1. Mark June 22 on your calendar to grow the circle larger at the "Spirituality is Unity Walk." See South Wind Elder Albert Dumont's website for details. 

2. Read the summary of my wisdom and thoughts below as one of the participants of this day. I hope it feeds the fires of your unique souls great time of awakening. 



Awaken Authentic Relationship

To be the peace we all yearn to see is about all of us healing the pain to become compassion and live from the heart to Awaken Authentic Relationship.

In 2018 and beyond we are awakening to meet and create sacred circles to listen to the best in each other's hearts where the pain becomes compassion. This is a returning process to the longest ways of democracy on planet Earth the ways of our first original nomadic peoples. 

We are all called now as citizens to walk forward in faith and solidarity. We cannot keep destroying our waterways and Earth herself. We can no longer sit and watch and be the victims of greed and materialism ourselves. 

Let us see that after two hundred years we are all called and responsible as citizens of Canada to walk together as One Universal Human Family with our Algonquin Elders and Grandmothers.

Calling us now to join them in the creation of a new heart of a form of democracy where we make decisions and policies based on what is best for our own environments as we listen to nature. She is the boss. On their sacred lands and waters, we, as leaders can support all leaders, no longer focusing on big money with materialistic greed and interest. 

In all upcoming elections we are opening our minds and hearts to discern who we wish to be our voice and to elect at all levels of Western governance. We are supporting all leaders in one world who are able to say NO to continued rape and desecration of these sacred Algonquin unceeded undeeded lands and waters here since time immemorial. 

No longer will we look the other way. We are awakening with what has transpired here on March 29, 2018 and we are walking forward to create new Chapters for Canada for the legacy we will now choose to leave for all future generations of Mother Planet Earth.

Thanks to all participants and organizers for this memorable day.
This day, at "Reconciliation Ottawa/Gatineau 2018," we witnessed three hours of messages and drumming and it awakened the Canada we are now choosing to become.

We are by the actions of our hearts awakening to the new choice to rise up. To be the ancestors now. We have the responsibility to both get educated and informed and to make positive choices to care for our waters and our One home the Earth. 

May I invite you all, people from all faiths and backgrounds, as is reflected in this gathering and can be seen in the video above, please link minds and hearts and embrace the pain becoming compassion in all our souls hearing the collective call of the power of love to invite us to rise up this Easter of the Christian Calendar and wash off from our feet. 

The past of all of our collective shame in not knowing or looking the other way when a person or a land was being desecrated. 

In each day ahead let us give power to be the one's we have been waiting for to live from justice for each other as Universal sisters and brothers. 

In the next three months, let us see us all achieving our divine destiny to let go of fear and live from love. We are all called. It is time now... to rise up from the past and do the work of living from our eternal souls. 

Then the vision of Canada to be a Culture of Peace and A Circle of All Nations will truly be realized. The dream and vision, the seed planted in many hearts by Algonquin Spiritual Leader Grandfather William Commanda, will be manifest and made real.

I also invite you to see the film "The Awakening" below. We are fast becoming a Nation healed and whole, so in compassion from our transformed pain we are that society rising up to light the eighth fires of right relationship. This has been in prophecy, that our Algonquin Anishinabe peoples know. That is the richness of their culture and deep spirituality that is shining a light on all our hearts so we too can awaken to walk with them and bring forth the wisdom our world so desperately needs. 


Mother Turtle Island in the heart of Canadian democracy invites you to join your minds and hearts with us as we give thanks and gratitude to Creator for this sacred space inside our hearts and in the souls of this great Nation our original Algonquin/Anishinabe peoples from sea to sea, East and West, North and South for guiding us all forward to the new ways we are all called now to hear their wisdom and walk as One Collective Global Universal Family. All called to listen and to become beacons of light for a world watching and listening for hope. 

This is the reason we have all come...

Let us walk together now, each moment in solidarity. We can accept the past that we cannot change but are here to learn from. 

We are the Ones we have been waiting to meet. In each of our hearts is the power to live from deep relationship. The moral commitment to activate right relationship by remembering the ways of the longest sacred democracy in this sacred land of our ancestors is that of our original first peoples here since time immemorial.

Deep thanks to all for walking this journey of light touching our own darkness, awakening in each other this new way of Peace that we are all called to pass on to our future generations.

Thanks again To Peace Man leader Dr. Peter Stockdale and Union of National Employees and all organizers behind the scenes for this gathering. My deep gratitude for creating this truly memorable Day three months before the "Spirituality Is Unity Walk" in the heart of Canadian Democracy on June 22, 2018!