A Message from Grandmother Judith Matheson


Thank you for joining me and all spiritual citizens of Earth in the movement to live from what is most sacred in our core the power of love. It is more powerful for good than the atomic bomb was for destruction the words and visions of American Spiritual Leader Barbra Marx Hubbard shared before the Mayan Calendar Birth 2012 Planetary Celebration at the Museum of Civilization now History in Gatineau Qc. Dec. 22, 2012.   Giving thanks and honouring indigenous hearted people and their original roots from all over the world and giving thanks that their wisdom let us do the same on June 22. 

It is time now in 2018 for us to finally begin sharing what is also the best in all our hearts. Those of us blessed to witness the tireless work of the late Algonquin Spiritual Leader Grandfather William Commanda for Canada as a Nation to truly honour the wisdom and stewardship and knowledge of his people in working with nature not against her. To see created together his vision “An International Indigenous Peace Healing Centre” for citizens to come here from all over the world to learn how to stewardship our One home Planet Earth through climate change and the affects of humanity’s pollution and materialist ways.

We see Floods and Fires 2017/2018 our own area on this sacred undeeded unceded spiritual lands and waterways an Ancient Spiritual Mecca and Meeting place for trading and meeting for all North American Indians we are living in are of some of oldest settlements of North America of nomadic peoples. 

Mother Earth is under great stress especially her waterways, her blood stream. Awakening is the Ultimate Medicine to new choices on how we can all change the way we live to light the eighth fire of relationship among our human species to become spiritual leaders living great Visionary Leaders legacies where both MP Elijah Harper, creating the “Sacred Assembly in Hull 1995”  and Grandfather William Commanda could see that only as Canada’s first original peoples healed and shared their wisdom of ways to live spiritually using just enough so could ordinary citizens of Canada heal and begin the process of living beyond the pain and trauma to return once again to our hearts. To compassion beyond our own trauma’s to  become what he saw as  Canada’s Nelson Mandella a Nation emerging to become:  a “Culture of Peace and A Circle of All Nations” coming of age as we heard the voices of wisdom of all elders in Canada being invited to truly welcome the world to see the power of unity in diversity all of citizens awakening to learn how in working together in genuine solidarity we are the change we yearn to see.  

On Friday, June 22, 2018 Canada is becoming of age as citizens of like all backgrounds link minds and hearts and we become what MP Elijah Harper spoke of happening after Grandfather’s funeral in 2011.  When I asked him how much longer it would take to see Grandfather's vision made real. His response was this:

“As his people healed and expressed their pain only then can Canada heal as a country and as this happens the seed planted by Algonquin Spiritual Leader Grandfather William Commanda will be seen and become real."

As a student of life with such wonderful examples of wise spiritual teachers modelling and living their faith, courage and conviction for a healthier Canada and a society where I believe we can all in 2018 rise up to  become the fruit of the Sacred Tree of Life that is supporting all grassroots ordinary people to awaken to live from souls of compassion from our hearts our highest spiritual natures.

I truly believe that Canada has a huge role to play on the world stage to become a beacon of how the power of love and light is beginning to shine now from the hearts of many ordinary Canadians supporting spiritual leaders in all echelons of power in our society to truly here the wisdom these two great spiritual leaders.  As a Nation we are becoming a people walking in genuine solidarity together as we rise up to see that inside all of humanity is this same spark of divine energy that is in us all of us that in the All that is that comes from all  creation and all our relations.

It is in all of us now not to walk any longer in fear but to rise up to become the One’s we have been waiting to meet. In us all this new cosmology yearns for us to inspire each other to live from out highest spiritual energy’s the power of love transforming pain to compassion. In 2018 the world in darkness is being awakened from the past to see new ways we can now create together a new future for all generations of humanity as our legacy as an inspired Nation. 

Join me and all people of good will let us be inspired by hope as we all choose to live from depth what is in our own indigenous hearts we will be guided b our ancestors cheering us on as we awaken to support each other in genuine solidarity and authentic, real, spiritual relationships they are telling us we are the ancestors now.  In all echelons of our society and democracy let us in 2018 aspire to live into our own realities more gently ways of our own relationships with ourselves, each other and our One home the Earth. There is still much pain here now to be cleared by us changing our own ways. To return to our own indigenous hearts the journey of opening our minds to awaken what is the best in our own hearts. 

By our living the deep spiritual ways of Grandfather's ancestors to use just enough and to share equally, fairly, in mutual respect. We life changes us to awaken to be inspired by this man’s shared vision and wisdom he shares in ancient teachings on how his people welcomed our ancestors to share their lands and waterways equally in the movie “ The Awakening” created by the late Jeremy Wright mark the 175 Anniversary of the Rideau Canal.  

In Canada’s 151st year as a country let us rise up on June 22nd  and truly live and action our own lives becoming examples of all these great leaders forward visionary thinking and seeing as One heart all wanting the same thing Peace. We are all called and we are all blessed in Gratitude to you all let your souls and new super consciousness be fed by many spiritual leaders wisdom on  this website and with the movie “ The Awakening” Hosted by this great Algonquin Spiritual Leader Canada's Visionary  and see how you can also order “The Story of Barbra Marx Hubbard “American Visionary” and attend its first showing in Ottawa/Gatineau at a date TBD in 2018 or 2019 with the movie from Canada “ The Awakening.”  

To the All that Is and All my Relations Deep Gratitude
Chi Migwich, Thanks, Merci!  

Grandmother Judith Anne King Matheson
White Owl Outaouais Wellness Learning Wisdom

Since 1995 Awakening to live from my own indigenous heart.