Update: Spirituality is Unity Walk


This is a response to Albert Dumont's announcement shared below: "Join the Walk to Save the Sacred Site."

I am so thrilled to hear that for the first time an Algonquin Spiritual Leader, Grandmother Annie-St. George Smith will be formally welcoming citizens of Canada in the first Citizenship Ceremony that will take place on this most sacred spiritually significant area of Canada as we give thanks and gratitude to all the original peoples whose ancestors have been here since time immemorial for this Sacred Spiritual Land and their leadership in helping us to remember we are all called to live from  mutual fairness, equality and respect. 

Deep thanks to the Citizenship Department of Canada that this ceremony of welcoming and swearing in of new Canadians will actually fall on the same day within hours of those where many Canadian citizens like myself will be invited and inspired to walk together in genuine solidarity and actions to support the wisdom voices also of the Elders and Grandmothers Elder Albert Dumont, Grandmother Jane-Ann Chartrand.

2018 is the year for Canada as a Nation to come of age as a leader in the world of unity in diversity. To live our spiritual values from our own indigenous ancestors to care, to love, to be our pain become compassion for each other and our world.  To live and be the peace of the vision of the seed planted by Canada’s Nelson Mandela, the late Algonquin Spiritual Leader Grandfather William Commanda, who saw his people once again honoured and respected once again for the wisdom they all know as indigenous open minded open hearted leaders who since time immemorial have sought to live here in peace and to use just enough to share equally in mutual fairness and respect. 

Let us create a movement, joining the Spirituality is Unity Walk on June 22, 2018, to celebrate the fact that we are all citizens' of this great Earth. That it is time to walk and work together in mutual genuine ways to care for and protect our One shared home on this most sacred area of Canada and the world.   

It is time now for us to meet and celebrate supporting all leaders to inspire us to live from the mutual care, compassion, fairness, equality, and respect without which citizens cannot experience the peace that we all yearn to see. 

In walking together we are creating this new unity of consciousness for the world to see and to follow Canada as a beacon of hope and peace for a new world emerging through the darkness there is light an new unity of diversity all citizens walking as One.  

Join us! Invite your family and friends let us celebrate linking minds and hearts!

Judith Anne King Matheson
White Owl
Since 1998 

“The Journey of the Head to the Heart Awakening My  Indigenous Heart to Anishinabe/Algonquin Spiritual Consciousness.” 

See voices of the wisdoms of many Spiritual Leaders: Water is Sacred.

Original message from Albert Dumont follows:

Elders and Spiritual Leaders at last year’s Faith is Peace walk. Photo: Dr. Peter Stockdale

Elders and Spiritual Leaders at last year’s Faith is Peace walk. Photo: Dr. Peter Stockdale

Announcement: Spirituality is Unity Walk, June 22, 2018

Join the Walk to Save the Sacred Site

Dear Friends of Akikodjiwan,

With hopeful hearts, we ask that you join us on another peaceful walk in support of faith and spirituality. The bloodline, the sacred circle of life, yours and ours, calls on us to walk together in the aura of Creator’s love for the betterment of water and all which need it to live.

Let the “Spirituality is Unity” walk become your individual statement, declaring that you will not stand idly by while foolish, visionless politicians and greedy developers ready themselves to destroy an ancient sacred place located in the heart of Algonquin Anishinabe territory. The Spirituality is Unity walk will occur on the traditional lands of the Algonquin Anishinabeg, beginning at 10:30 am on Victoria Island and ending on Parliament Hill at approx. 1 pm. The date is June 22, 2018, the Friday marking the beginning of the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival at Vincent Massey Park.

This Walk welcomes the presence of children. It is for them after all, that we are doing this. If possible, bring your children, bring your grandchildren. Never forget that the grandchildren of your grandchildren will be the true beneficiaries of the actions we take today in protecting the water, the wind, the atmosphere and all the life of the forests, so that these things will be strong and energetic in the days of the distant future.

Our dying planet does not cry out for more condos to be constructed for the wealthy people of the land to live in. Mother Earth demands that prayer and ceremonies commence afresh at our sacred sites. Never in the history of mankind has there been a stronger need for the spiritual beliefs of all faiths to ignite, as one, a healing fire in the centre of the sacred circle.

The Spirituality is Unity walk is necessary. Something needs to be done to prove to Creator that not all of us have lost our minds. No one wants war, least of all a nuclear one. Drug epidemics are killing our children as well as those of the non-native community. Newspaper stories are telling us that human clones can now begin to be produced. It’s insanity! The politicians will only wake up to the seriousness of it all when the faith leaders with one voice tell them “Enough!” We all need water to live! Even the politicians cannot live without it. Why don’t they get it? Do the politicians not hope for health and wellness for their descendants?

This call to action is brought forward by Albert Dumont (South Wind) and Jane Chartrand (Grey Fawn).

Expect more info about this walk in the near future.

All my relations,
South Wind,
Albert Dumont

Amanda Masterson