Today's Spirituality is Unity Walk

How wonderful to share these great events awakening us at this time of great urgency to live more simply and to walk and work together in genuine solidarity!

Join this great time of awakening the greatest medicine to the ills of our overly materialistic ways of consumption. It's so great to receive messages like the one I received in the latest media release from Ottawa Summer Solstice and to share such inspired news. A big thanks to Kita Szpak “From the Land.” This helps us see how all things are interconnected, interdependent, and co-dependent in a good way for these times of great change. 

United in Diversity

Join thousands of us, linking minds and hearts to walk in genuine solidarity today, June 22 2018 at the 10 am ceremony on Victoria Island on Booth Street just down from the War Museum.

From 10:45 am as we walk up Wellington St. via Sparks St. to Elgin to arrive on Parliament Hill for 11:30 am. Spiritual leaders share from noon to 1 pm with drumming, dancing and inspired messages that let us be part of a milestone moment for Canadians to this great land to live “Spirituality is Unity” as the way forward for all the world to see.

We are a Nation in our unity in diversity becoming a true beacon of light sharing our original first peoples wisdom on how we are all called now to care for and protect our one shared home through Climate Change. 

We indeed are the One’s we have been waiting to meet it is time to celebrate our great heritage and wisdom of the Elders and Grandmothers to join them in caring for and being all stewards of this our One great home on the sacred Algonquin Spiritual Land we share and are all blessed to live.

It is time to sing and dance the joy we have come here on this sacred Earth to live as One Universal Human Family. 

See you soon!


"Acting today to guarantee the wellbeing of our future generations."

Spiritual advisor Albert Dumont
Words of inspiration during our conversations from the heart: Water is Sacred.


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