Prayer for Balance


It is in these times we are all called to become the fruit of the sacredness of our own lives where pain becomes compassion...

May our lives become our compassion lived for positive action for restoring balance to any form of inequality or injustice.

May we as all One Universal human family awaken as all citizens of one planet awakening in each other the light to touch the darkness.

May we creating together walking in genuine solidarity a new wave of awareness in which light touching darkness brings forth a new integrity in which our words match our actions.   

May we pray together and walk together welcoming this day as a new day for all humanity to awaken in each other what is the best inside ourselves! 

May we celebrate that we are all good people wanting the same thing to live in peace and to worship and to give thanks and gratitude for our many blessings and to share our abundance with those who are not so blessed as we may be because of inequality.   

May we bless each other expanding awareness in our one unity of diversity a new consciousness seeing our Nation truly becoming a beacon of light to shine peace and hope to our world awakening from darkness..

May we give thanks as we meet and walk and talk and learn from each other how to expand the pure light that awakens a new spiritual consciousness that is our pure integrity.. 

May we give voice and new actions in positive ways to what we now may see but could not see before walking and experiencing “ Spirituality is Unity.. 

May we inspire each other to explore new ways to walk gently with ourselves, each other and our One home our sacred University of life in which we share space in mutual equality, fairness, and respect.

May we seek to walk and to live in justice and peace rising up to live from the joy that brings balance to all polarities  

May we affirm that as we individually and collectively seek to live in balance on this beautiful Earth we are blessed to share as one species 

That we are the One’s we have indeed been waiting to meet. 

In each other we can now open our minds and hearts to see

We are all eternal souls in our thoughts, dreams, desires and creating positive energies for seeing and creating together a better healthier world.

And so we are all richly blessed that indeed it is our thoughts and actions that our prayers as we seek to live out and to fulfill our divine destiny.   

To make a difference being here at humanity’s greatest time of awakening to live “ Spirituality is Unity.” Ottawa, June 22, 2018! Click here to find out more.

Amanda Masterson