Videos to Inspire & Upflift


The Awakening
A landmark invitation for everyone to come together and share ideas on how to heal our planet by reconnecting and working together.... it is about Wisdom, Mother Earth, and Harmony.

The Sacred Run - The lotus & the feather  |     Andrea Sadler at
American Indian leader, Dennis Banks, with First Nation people from North America and Japan, were joined by volunteers from 13 countries on a ceremonial run finishing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

American Visionary |
The Story of Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Bless the Water |
Renowned Biologist Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D discusses the nature of our intrinsic relationship with Water. 

Bless the Water | Full film at
A message on water from Grandmother Agnes Baker Pilgrim.

Bless the Water | Full film at
Chief Phil Lane Jr. calls for humanity to unite to restore the World's Waters. Watch the Film  FREE at:

Bless the Water | Full film at
Dr Reese Halter explains why we need everyone, everywhere to come together to save our Waters and Forests!

Bless the Water | Full film at
Patch Adams explains why Water is of Paramount Importance. 

Dancing With Water | MJ Pangman & Joshua Dharma
For more information on MJ, her book and her work visit